You will like (or love) Keynote Kamp, if... want to learn from two top keynote presenters and share ideas, tips, and strategies with a room of nineteen equally talented, experienced keynote speakers – well then, you're gonna love Keynote Kamp.


And if you're an experienced platform speaker that wants to get even better by:

                                    • learning new techniques for crafting a killer keynote

                                     • mastering the art of developing unforgettable characters that                                          'appear' throughout your presentation

                                      • discovering new ways to grab and hold the attention of                                                   today's attention-deficient audiences

                                      • transforming a small everyday observation into a deeply                                                 moving signature story

.                                                ..then Keynote Kamp 6 is the only place on earth you'll

                                                  want to be December 6-8 2019!


                                             The primary focus of this kamp is to help you rethink, reshape,

                                             and refresh your keynote's opening, close, and all the parts inbetween. Each Kamper will have the opportunity to present a piece of material after which they will receive coaching from Eric, Mark and Sue as well as written suggestions from 19 other Kampers. This format has proven invaluable and the evaluations indicate that Kampers find this exercise to be a game changer for their keynotes. 


Without question, you'll see an upgrade in your premise, your signature story, and the way you connect with your audience. 


The Keynote Kamp Koncept and Our Pledge

This isn't about changing your brand, and you're not going to leave kamp with a brand spanking new keynote. You will, however, leave with fresh new ideas and actionable strategies for writing better material and delivering more engaging, entertaining, and powerful keynotes.  And when you put those ideas into action, your value in the marketplace skyrockets and the demand for your services will soar.


The Keynote Kamp PLEDGE is simple. You will leave Kamp a better speaker than when you arrived. Much better.

About Keynote Kamp...