You've probably attended speaker bootcamps, retreats, and workshops in the past. Please know that Keynote Kamp is going to be a different kind of experience. Here's what sets it apart:


Keynote Kamp 6 is Limited to 20 Experienced Keynote Speakers 

This is not a course for aspiring or amateur speakers. That's why there's an application attached to the registration. Not everyone who wants to attend will be accepted. This is open only to seasoned professional speakers who derive a significant portion of their annual income through keynote speaking. Our kampers will share a canoe with peers who know how to paddle, not rookies who simply want to know how to get into these waters.


To help us get you where you want to go,

we will study where you currently are

Before you arrive, the Kamp Counselors will

know you – not in a creepy way…but as a 

professional. Eric and Mark will review your

website, watch your preview video(s) and

understand your expected return on

investment before you arrive in Denver.

We'll do our homework to give you the very

best ideas we can for improving your keynotes.


Keynote Kamp is an experiential, highly interactive learning environment

Eric & Mark will share their best ideas and insights from a combined history of 70 years of speaking delivering over 8,500 keynotes. However, you will also be learning from your fellow Kampers. EVERY speaker will have an opportunity (er, make that an obligation) to present a segment of their keynote they want to improve upon. Those segments will be featured in showcase moments along with impromptu platform opportunities. 


Kampers that Dine Together, Grow Better Together (6 Shared Meals are Included!)

Not only will we be sharing smores 'round the Kampfire, but we will have six great meals covered by your registration: Lunch and Dinner on Friday, Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner on Saturday, Breakfast on Sunday. 


The Focus of Keynote Kamp is on Becoming a Better Keynote Speaker

Any time spent on branding/marketing/administration, etc. is purely incidental.  This entire experience is singularly focused on writing original stories and material and totally "crushing it" when you hit the main stage. Mark, Sue, and Eric don't agree on everything, but they all believe firmly that this business will always be dominated by keynote speakers who are excellent on the platform. The better you are on stage, the less you will have to phone prospects and bureaus to beg for business.

This Kamp is Different