How much is Kamp?
  The total investment for 
Keynote Kamp VI is $4995


  • Mark, Sue, and Eric researching your

   business and studying your video;

  • 3 days of interactive learning;

  • 6 Shared meals (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners);

  • Transportation between the Curtis Hotel and the Learning Venue (2.1 miles); and

  • Lots of extras!

    “If you can’t afford Keynote Kamp, you really really need Keynote Kamp!”

                                                                                                 Tim Gard, CSP CPAE

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Why do I need to complete an application?

The only way we to maximize this experience for every kamper is to make certain we have the right 'mix' of speakers. After all, Eric and Mark will be koaching speakers but they will be calling on the other 19 speakers to provide their ideas and expertise on how you can improve. Thus, we need to know you, your brand, your value proposition and your platform style prior to your coming to kamp.

So, please... tell us as much about your business, your journey, and where you're headed (professionally) so we can give you our very best and help you get there!